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Coconut Shell GAC

Aquatrol Resin Aquatrol coconut shell granular activated carbon is a high quality coconut shell activated carbon for the removal of dissolved organic contaminants from water, wastewater and process liquids. The list of contaminants include taste and odor compounds, organic color, total organic carbon (TOC) and industrial chemicals such as chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE).

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Aquatrol Valves

Aquatrol ResinAquatrol Control Valves provide cost effective reliability and profitability to customers worldwide.  Aquatrol aims to deliver to consumers globally quality  water conditioning products that are well built and will increase their bottom line.  Aquatrol Control valves are easy to operate, simple to maintain and offer a wide product line to meet each and every one of your application requirements.

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Aquatrol Resin

Aquatrol ResinCAT-100E resin is a 10% cross-linked, high capacity, conventional gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin designed for use in residential and/or industrial water softening equipment. Cation resin in sodium form removes hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium by replacing them with sodium. When the resin bed is exhausted the hardness ions begin to pass through the bed.

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Aquatrol Tanks & Accessories

Aquatrol Group ImageAquatrol Pressure Tanks offer a reliable and cost effective alternative for all of your light residential to heavy-duty commercial applications. Aquatrol tanks are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0713 to 6096 andall tanks up to 16" are NSF/ANSI Standard 44 certified. Aquatrol proudly offers a 10 year warranty on tanks from 6" - 13" (5 year warranty on all tanks from 14" - 16").

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Aquatrol Distributors

Aquatrol DistributorsAquatrol offers a wide selection of distributors that are reliable and cost effective. We offer distributors for light residential to heavy-duty commercial applications. Our catalog expands to also offer a range of high quality Hus, laterals and In/Out Heads.

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UV Product Gallery

About us

Aurora Water Technology UV Systems provide a sleek, compact design and economical ultraviolet water treatment for low flow and medium flow applications such as light commercial reverse osmosis systems, water vending machines, food industry, laboratory, medical facility water, pharmaceutical, cosmetics processes, final electronic component rinsing, and recirculation loops to name a few.


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